4 Reasons Runners Should Get Rehabilitation Therapy

Rehabilitation TherapyRunning is a great way to get in shape and burn tons of calories while having a great time testing yourself. But, what if this physical activity starts affecting your health adversely? At Moving Forward Rehab, we recommend that all runners consider rehabilitation therapy if they encounter one of these four scenarios.

1. Lingering Pain

If your pain lingers for three or four days after a run, even if you ice and rest the affected area, then you should consider making an appointment for rehabilitation therapy with a qualified professional.

2. One Traumatic Event

One traumatic event, like a broken bone or torn muscle, can ruin your career as a runner. But if you go in for regular therapy, it may help you regain your abilities and strength so that you can once again pursue the activities you love.

3. Medication Doesn’t Do Much

After a long run, you may use a pain reliever to treat your aches and pains. However, if you find that these medications are no longer doing a good job of alleviating your pain, you should consider getting checked out by a physical therapist.

4. Visible Changes

If you notice that your ankle stays swollen after a run or that your foot becomes red or deformed over time, your injuries may worsen if you don’t go and see a physical therapist.

Turning to a physical therapist for rehabilitation therapy can help you stay active as a runner for many years to come. Contact us at Moving Forward Rehab for orthopedic therapy by calling 1-352-751-3781.