Back Pain Prevention and Common Injury Causes

Back Pain PreventionIt only takes a little to cause big pain in your back. At Moving Forward Rehab, we understand that back pain can hit suddenly and unexpectedly—even for the most in-shape individuals. Here are some of the most common causes of back pain as well as back pain prevention tips.

Out of Shape

When you’ve been sitting on the couch for most of your life, you are more likely to have a difficult time doing things like playing basketball on the weekends or doing heavy chores around the house. One of the most common causes of back pain is simply being out of shape. The solution? Exercise. Having a consistent and regular exercise routine will keep you in shape and prevent you from hurting yourself when doing things with friends and around the house.

Poor Technique

It’s very important to use your knees whenever you lift heavy objects. Using a poor technique for heavy lifting is a quick way to strain your back. It’s easy to implement back pain prevention by bending your knees and using your legs to handle the weight of whatever you are lifting. Remember to bend at your knees as opposed to your waist.

Just Not Thinking

As you get to the end of your day, your mind and body get tired. This is a prime time to accidentally tweak a muscle in your back. Learning to engage your core muscles at all times is great for preventing back pain at the end of the day. When your core muscles are constantly engaged, you may be less likely to pull something.

Too Much Sitting

People spend a lot of time at the desk, computer or in front of the TV these days. Motion is what helps to keep your spine healthy, however. To prevent back pain associated with sitting, maintain good posture and get up and move every 20 minutes.

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