Hand and Arm Stroke Rehab Exercises

Stroke Rehab ExercisesAt Moving Forward Rehab, we understand that recovering from a stroke is not easy. Stroke rehab exercises often focus on reducing spasticity and increasing muscle control. Plus, stretches and exercises can supplement medications during stroke rehab to promote full recovery.

Get Started Early for Best Results

Even if you do not feel like you can do a lot after a stroke, starting stroke rehab exercises early can help your long-term recovery plan. Beginning exercises used to reduce spasticity can be as easy as stretching your arm. Your therapist will show you how to stretch without hurting yourself. However, beginning exercises can be as simple as moving your arm in its full range of motion three times per day and gently stretching it for one minute.

Regain Muscle Control

Rehab for stroke patients can do more than give you the full use of your arm and hand back. It can also help you live a fuller life. Regaining muscle control can help you do the things you used to love again. Also, some stroke rehab exercises that help regain muscle control in the hands and fingers are simple. Take your thumb, and carefully touch the point of your index finger. Then, carefully touch your thumb to the point of your middle finger. Repeat the exercise for all fingers on the affected hand slowly and precisely.

Learn How to Use Your Arm and Hand Again

It might seem a little weird to have to learn how to hold a cup full of water or type or stir with a spoon again. However, it is important that you do not rely on your good arm for everyday activities. Different exercises can mimic all of the things you typically do in real life.

Get on the Road to Recovery Today

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