The Importance of Identifying Concussion Symptoms Early

Concussion SymptomsConcussions are a subsection of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). They are caused by some sort of hit to the head and can sometimes change how a person’s brain works. Rehabilitation from such injuries often requires a team of professional experts, including neurologists, neurosurgeons, speech pathologists and physical therapists. Here at Moving Forward Rehab, we provide personalized treatment options for patients recovering from concussions and help them regain some of the everyday functionality that they lost as a result of their injuries.

Common Symptoms

Whenever a person suffers from a hit to the head, it is important to check them for common concussion symptoms, such as:

  • Inability to think and remember clearly
  • Headaches and/or head pressure
  • Amnesia regarding the trauma
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Dazed appearance
  • Slow responses to questions

Identifying these symptoms early and seeking appropriate treatment can make a big difference in the overall effect of the injury.

If In Doubt, Seek Medical Help

If you suspect that someone is displaying concussion symptoms, do not hesitate – seek medical help immediately. When a person suffers this type of injury, a number of tests and assessments must be performed as soon as possible to gain an accurate understanding of the extent of the trauma. These include:

  • CT scans of the brain
  • Neuropsychological or neurocognitive tests that assess memory and learning skills

In addition, concussions can become much worse if they go unaddressed for several days, so it is always best to err on the side of caution when there is a potential for this type of injury.

If you are currently suffering from concussion symptoms and want the best possible help with rehabilitation, contact Moving Forward Rehab at (352) 751-3781. Our staff of trained professionals can guide you through an effective treatment program that can let you put the trauma behind you and get on with your life.