Sports Injuries The Villages, FL

We’ll Help You Get Back In the Game

Whether you have a mild strain or sprain or something more severe, our sports medicine specialists can help with treatment and recovery for injured athletes. At Moving Forward Rehabilitation, we provide physical therapy and rehabilitation therapy and can help you regain your strength and overcome your sports-related injuries.

Common Sports Injuries

  • tennis elbow sports injuryRunner’s knee – soft cartilage under the knee that causes pain (associated with sports involving running)
  • Tennis elbow – injury caused by stress from repetitive motion of the elbow

Typically sports injuries happen as a result of stress from overuse and repetitive actions of certain joints or muscles. Engaging in sports activities can increase your risk of trauma, especially in contact sports. Using compression sportswear is one way to reduce the risk of muscular injury and aid in muscular recovery. However, when you are injured, know that Moving Forward Rehabilitation is here to help you.

If you are suffering from pain after a sports-related injury, contact Moving Forward Rehab at 352-752-1781.

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