Stroke Rehabilitation in The Villages, FL

Improve Balance, Function & Mobility After A Stroke

Stroke RehabilitationEvery year, 795,000 people have a stroke, which works out to about one person every 40 seconds. At Moving Forward Rehabilitation, we are committed to excellent stroke patient care. A stroke can cause a wide range of physical problems, and treatment options will differ depending on the cause and the severity of the stroke including weakness and paralysis, problems with walking, and even changes in the way the nerves react.

Stroke Rehab

  • Therapies could potentially start within the first 24 hours, depending on patient.
  • Beginning rehabilitation as soon as possible has been shown to enhance recovery and minimize long-term functional disability.
  • The length of time allocated for rehabilitation depends on the severity of the stroke (how diminished things like balance and motor skill function), as well medical skill and patient motivation.

For more information on stroke rehab treatments, contact Moving Forward Rehabilitation at 352-751-2781.

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